Ornery Brother is based out of Kinsley, Kansas and is carving out their own niche in the liquor world. Their slightly sweet variant of Vodka is milo based.

A unique Kansas made vodka made in a Kinsley micro brewery has offered customers an interesting variant on the classic spirit. With the traditional clear color, the Ornery Brother brand offers a sweet burn with a slight aftertaste of anise, a spice that tastes similar to licorice. 

Ornery Brother is owned by Tim Kyle, a 44-year-old who now owns one of nine micro-distilleries now allowed to operate and make liquor within the state of Kansas. They join the 40 micro-breweries making beer in Kansas. Kyle’s special vodka is called “awesome water” by fans of his product and is now on his fourth batch of the milo-based vodka.

A batch includes around 100 12-pack cases of fifths that are located in around 100 stores in Kansas. Kyle’s unique milo-based vodka is a product of a grain science professor’s recommendation. Most Vodkas are created from rye, corn, wheat, rice, or potatoes.

After getting the idea, it took Kyle another eight years to perfect his recipe and the setup needed to create such a vodka. And while he originally wanted to use the wheat from his father’s old farm as the basis for the vodka, the former carpenter and salesman eventually knew milo was what he wanted to use to carve out his own niche.

“The more research I did, the more I fell in love with the idea of milo vodka…Milo is a wonderful, underutilized cereal grain …. Sorghum grain was like God meant it to grow here. It loves the types of soil we have here.” –Tim Kyle

A $75,000 investment and almost a decade long of research couldn’t hurt in a state where Sorghum is one of the top five produced products in the entire state of Kansas. With all that grain, Kyle now just has to make the milo drink a household name. Who knows, you might be able to order a milo-vodka at a bar nearest you before long.  

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