If all goes well, satisfying a craving for In-N-Out Burger
won’t mean a cross-country trip.

In-N-Out Burger is the stuff of dreams for many who must travel west of the Rocky Mountains for a delicious fix of their coveted burgers and fries.

Currently, In-N-Out Burger has locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Texas. That’s a far, far drive from KC for someone craving a Double Double, animal-style. Though we won’t get our own location any time soon, brand new In-N-Out restaurants are being planned east of the Rockies.

According to the Denver Business Journal, In-N-Out is planning to expand in a couple of years, but can’t give an exact date just yet.

“Because we are still in the early development phase, we don’t yet have a timeline for the construction of either our support facilities or future restaurants,” said Carl Arena, vice president of development for In-N-Out Burger. ”However, the steps we are taking now represent the first of many on the road to serving customers in Colorado.”

Though Colorado would be the seventh state to have a restaurant location, Colorado Springs is only the second place outside of California where a patty factory could be built. The other facility is in the Dallas area. This is important, because the chain serves fresh burgers only, not frozen. A distribution facility can support 50 restaurants within a 350-mile radius.

A new In-N-Out facility would put Hays, Kansas, within range of service. Hmmm. That’s still about three hours away from KC, but it’s not a cross-country trip for die-hard fans who also love a little road trip now and then.

Here’s the bad news: the distribution facility needs to be built before the restaurant will open in Colorado Springs (and later in Denver). 

Though it’s getting closer, its still a dream paved with french fries and tears.

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