Juice up your phone like a boss
with these electrifying tips.

Phone charging is a daily activity. How is it even possible to do it wrong? You just plug in the stupid thing and charge it, right? Yeah, no. There are actually right ways and wrong ways to charge, even though the whole thing seems like a no-brainer.

A battery company called Cadex has actually created a website explaining how to charge lithium-ion batteries. Because that’s how clueless we all are. The site explains how batteries go through their own forms of “stress,” which can damage their lifespan, and it puts us all in our places by telling us what we’re doing wrong. It’s actually good to know, even though change is hard, man.

Guess it’s time to get schooled with these tips for extending the length of a phone battery’s life. Phone charging is an art, apparently.


It is 100% logical that we should just charge our phones when they’re almost dead. Nope. Experts think otherwise, and recommend charging phones throughout the day whenever possible, instead of once at night. Little charging spurts are actually a good thing. Who knew.


Charging a phone to 100 percent is a no-no, because that can stress the battery. A phone battery will actually behave the best if it’s unplugged before it’s completely charged.

On the other hand, try not to let your phone drop all the way down to zero percent routinely. It’s good to do that occasionally, but the sweet spot is to keep your phone running at about fifty percent charged. This helps reduce battery wear and tear from too much or too little charging.


If you need a fully charged phone for whatever reason, be sure to unplug it once it reaches capacity. If you don’t, the battery will be kept in a high-stress, high-tension state, which can wear it down. In the long run, this can lead to a reduced battery life. 


Don’t let your battery get too hot or too cold. Cool is where it’s at. If your phone gets super warm, disconnect the charger. Lithium-ion batteries no likey the heat.

That’s pretty much it! So, carry on and enjoy your perfectly-charged contraptions. (Extra points if you tuck it away now and then to enjoy a little face time with other humans.)

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