Sprots Takes, the first-ever all-women sports radio show in Kansas City, looks to highlight the fun side of sports rather than focus on stats and number-driven commentary.

The radio show is the first-ever all-women sports radio show in Kansas City, and it launched in March of this year.

Sprots Takes got its name from a common misspelling by non-sports fans when describing intense sports moments, likely on Twitter or other social media sites. On the radio’s website, it explains what “sprots” is:

What happens on the internet when something is so exciting and you are trying to convey your emotions in 140 characters or less? Besides a ton of cussing and weird punctuation…misspellings happen. In this case, “sprots” became the proper term for ridiculous comments or observations about sports in general.

Sprots are for people who love their teams and love to have fun. Taking things too seriously is not our speciality.”

Sprots Takes started as a podcast in 2014, “Sprots Takes With Hotties,” and has since grown into the radio show it is today. The team consists of founder Gracey “GAT” Terrill and her eight Sprots writers.

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If you’re interested in tuning in, we highly suggest you do so because these ladies are hysterical! You can tune in every Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Kansas City ESPN, or you can catch up on shows you missed on Spreaker.

Are you a fan of Sprots Takes? Have you listened to their podcasts before? Talk to us in the comments and let us know what you think.

All images courtesy of Sprots Takes (Facebook).

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