A sketch has been revealed of a man connected to Kansas college rapes going back to 2000. 14 incidents have been connected to the rapist.

The Riley County Police Department has released a composite sketch of a potential college rapist connected to 14 rape incidents going back to 2000, all reported by University of Kansas or Kansas State University students. Police are hopeful that anyone in the Manhattan or Lawrence area will recognize the man and tell their local police department.

The man in the sketch — which shows a depiction of what he looked like back in 2000 — is linked to 12 rape cases, along with two attempted rapes. Police have not yet revealed the connection between the man in the sketch and the cases, but they are asking for any relevant information because they believe that at the very least the man has valuable information in the cases.

The number for the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers is 785-539-7777. If you would rather provide a tip online, visit the Manhattan Riley County Crime Stoppers at their website www.RileyCountyPolice.org. There is another website dedicated to stopping the rapist that has more information regarding the incidents. In all cases, the perpetrator operated in a calm, calculated manner, using a handgun to force his victims into compliance.

Students of these two universities and the public is encouraged to look out for the college rapist, whose assaults involved late night break-ins while wearing a mask and bearing a handgun. All of the victims were sleeping at night when the assailant broke into apartments and dorms. The man would be around 35 years of age now and is between 5’9″ and 6′ tall.

Wichita Police are adding patrolmen!