A burning home at 837 Troup Avenue is being investigated as the crime scene for a potential triple homicide. The victims’ identities are currently unknown.

Kansas police are investigating a potential homicide after finding three dead people inside a burning home, authorities announced on Tuesday. While the case is still under investigation, Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department Chief Terry Zeigler tweeted that it appeared to be a homicide. Authorities suspect that the perpetrator(s) used the burning home to cover up the homicides. 

Identities of the victims have yet to be revealed, but one woman told reporters she is worried that one victim is her sister. Patricia Green told reporters with KMBC that her sister lived in a single family home in the area for the past few months. While Green has attempted to reach out to her sister multiple times, the other line goes straight to voicemail.

The fire was reported around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, with fire fighters experiencing “heavy fire conditions upon arrival.” While no other details have been given about the case, we do know that Kansas City, KS Police Detectives were called to the scene quickly at 837 Troup Avenue. Two bodies were discovered upon initial searches into the home, with the third body being found afterward.

Look for more details from both the fire department and the police surrounding this tragic house fire that cost three lives. It seems fires have been a prominent feature of the news as of late, with the tragedies going on in California. Recent news revealed that one of those fires was started by a homeless man and ended up consuming over 400 acres of land.

Authorities in California are still trying to contain what is one of the state’s largest wildfires in history. Nearly 700 homes were destroyed along with 234,000 acres of land to what has been dubbed the Thomas Fire.

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