The Kansas City Chiefs look primed for another successful season inside a tough AFC West. With the release of the 2017 NFL schedule, let’s take a look at their most important match-ups!

It’s that time of year where every little new update about the Kansas City Chiefs is picked apart ferociously. Every offseason, fans across Chiefs kingdom patiently await the next big story to break. Stories in the offseason are hit or miss, though. Sometimes they’re worth talking about, but most of the time they just keep us occupied. One of the rare updates actually worth discussion, however, is the release of the schedule.

For the full season schedule, check out the Kansas City Chief’s website.

I’m sorry, how many prime-time games?

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Six. The Chiefs are participating in six prime-time contests this year. SIX. This may be the fanboy in me talking, but this tells me the Chiefs are finally getting national recognition as a contentious team. Three games are early in the season against non-divisional opponents. In week one, September 7, the boys in red take on reigning Super Bowl champions in the New England Patriots. Talk about baptism by fire.

The Chiefs will then face the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans in back-to-back weeks in October. Depending on your perspective, this is the point where the fun either begins or ends. The next three prime-time games are all against divisional opponents. If the Chiefs can repeat the divisional success they enjoyed last year, this is definitely where the fun begins.

Luck of the draw against Division rivals

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Everybody and their mother knows just how stacked the AFC West is. Last season, the Chiefs narrowly walked away with a division title thanks to a 6-0 divisional sweep. The Oakland Raiders were serious contenders until a broken fibula sidelined Quarterback Derek Carr. Not to mention the Denver Broncos, who finished 9-7 but missed the playoffs. The Broncos are recent Super Bowl Champions and their roster still possesses a lot of talent. Even the San Diego Chargers are much more talented than their 5-11 shows.

Luckily for the Chiefs, their divisional matchups are dispersed evenly throughout the year. The Chiefs will first face-off against the Chargers on Sunday, September 24 in San Diego. After a three game buffer zone, they travel back to California to take on the Oakland Raiders in prime time on Thursday, October 19. The next week, October 30, they host the Denver Broncos in Kansas City. After those first three games, the Chiefs are only one game away from a late bye-week.

After the bye, games outside the division take up most of the schedule. At the tail end, however, the Chiefs will finish the season with three of their last four games against divisional opponents. Each one of these games down the stretch will likely be consequential in the playoff race. The NFL scheduling this year positioned the Kansas City Chiefs for success. The team will be prepared for the tough division games by getting non-divisional games out of the way early and establishing some rhythm.

How do you think the 2017 schedule bodes for the Chiefs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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